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Vintage Holiday Eggnog - Vintage Holiday Eggnog
Dogwood Tavern

Holiday Spiked Eggnog


We've been preparing & aging our eggnog the same way for a decade. Like all great traditions, the process is marked by meticulous care & we look forward to it every year. Now, we hope you will too! We begin in November, when the chill in the air leaves no room for doubt that the holidays are close by. We've used fresh egg yolks...and lots of booze (bourbon, brandy, and aged rum). You see the alcohol helps preserve its constitution while the ageing mellows out the spirits and allows the flavors to really come together & balance.

**Please note that we ask you place your order on the day you are coming to pick up; if you are not picking up immediately after placing your order, please write down the time you plan on coming by in the "special requests" section so our staff is aware. TLDR: Same-day pick-ups only, please. Thanks!!!

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